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Here are some papers and presentations I have put together on various topics in analytics:

A Method for Determining Relative Offensive and Defensive Strengths of Football Teams (PDF) Technical Memo for a Footabll team Ranking Method

BattleFin Big Data Combine (PDF) Presented at Battlefin competition Miami FL Oct 25 2013

A Non-linear Correlation Metric (PDF) Presented at INFORMS 2012 Poster Session Oct 14-17 2012

A QSAR Model using a Probabilistic Neural Network Ensemble (PDF – Presentation at SIAM Symposium on Data Mining 2011)

Market Basket Analysis/Affinity Analysis (PDF – old Sensorlytics white paper)

Movie Revenue Forecasting
(PDF – old Sensorlytics white paper)

Methods for Blending Multiple Models (PDF – my entry to AusDM2009)

Method for Mining Clinical Data for Drug Side-effect Associations (PDF – Method for OMOP Cup)

Netflix Prize Presentation at Cascade Systems Society, 5 Nov 2010 (PDF)

A Method for Scheduling Railroad Fueling Operations
(PDF) Presented at INFORMS 2010

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