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Ramsden, Edward A.   "Hall Sensor with High Pass Hall Voltage Filter",  US 4,982,155   Jan. 1, 1991.

Ramsden, Edward A.   "Method for Adjusting Ferrous Article Proximity Detector",  US 5,818,222  Oct. 6, 1998.

Ramsden, Edward A.,  Guydan, Arthur Douglas  "Magnetic Accelerometer",  US 6,087,951 Jul. 11, 2000.

Ramsden, Edward A.;  Beiermann, Bradley S. "System for Adjusting a Magnetic Sensor to Detect the Presence of Ferrous Objects",  US 6,127,821 Oct. 3, 2000.

Ramsden, Edward A. "Analog-to-Digital Converters",  US 6,809,674, Oct 26, 2004.

Ramsden, Edward A. "Programmable logic device with hardwired microsequencer", US 6,958,625, October 25, 2005.

Morse, Douglas C.; Miller, Edward E.; Ramsden, Edward A.  "Powering-up a device having digital and analog circuitry",  US 7,028,201, April 11, 2006.

Ramsden, Edward A. "Method for configuring multiple-output phase-locked loop frequency synthesizers", US 7,132,864, November 7, 2006.

Herrick, John; Yates, Fred; Morgan, Jeffrey Scott; Ramsden, Edward A. "Throttle control method and apparatus", US 7,210,453, May 1, 2007.

Ramsden, Edward A. "Timer systems and methods", US 7,257,727, August 14, 2007.

Ramsden, Edward A. "Rotary position sensor", US 7,304,472, December 4, 2007.

Books Published

Ramsden, Ed  "Hall Effect Sensors: Theory and Application", 2001 Advanstar Communications, Cleveland OH. ISBN 0-929870-58-1.  2nd Edition published Spring 2006 by Elsevier, Burlington, MA. ISBN 0-7506-7934-4.


The Use of FPGAs for High Performance Discrete Simulation - poster session at INFORMS General Meeting Nov 2018, Phoenix AZ.  Proof-of-concept demonstation of implmenting a discrete simulation model (airplane boarding) on an Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and getting order-of-magnitudes speed improvement over general-purpose computers.

An Evolutionary Approach to finding Improved Airplane Boarding Order – poster session presentation at INFORMS General Meeting Oct 2017, Houston TX. Using a genetic optimizer and boarding simulation to find better boarding orders for airliners.

Introduction to Magnetic Sensors –
In-house (Sensata)  8-hour course on physics and applications of magnetic sensors for new hires/transfers to Magnetic Sensors Products business unit. (2012-2015)

A Non-linear Correlation Metric - poster session presentation at INFORMS General Meeting Nov. 2012, Phoenix AZ

A QSAR Model using a Probabilistic Neural Network Ensemble - presentation at SIAM Symposium on Data Mining, Apr. 2011, Phoenix AZ

A Method for Scheduling Railroad Fueling Operations - presentation at INFORMS  General Meeting  Nov 2010, Austin TX

If You Liked 'X", then you will Love 'Y': Ideas from the Netflix Prize Competition - presentation at Cascade Systems Society,  Nov 2010, Portland OR

Introduction to Transducer Interfacing – short course at  Sensors Expo and Conference May 2002 San Jose, June 2003 Chicago, Sept. 2003 Anaheim

Ten Easy Things to do with Hall-Effect Sensors - presentation at Sensors Expo and Conference, June 2003, Chicago.

Articles/Papers Published

H. D'Angelo, M. Caramanis, S. Finger, A. Mavretic, Y. Phillis, E.Ramsden, "Event-Driven Model of an Unreliable Production Line with Storage", Summer Computer Simulation Conference, Boston, MA July 1984. Proceedings of SCSC 1984.

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E. Ramsden, "The ispPAC Family of Reconfigurable Analog Circuits", Proceedings of 3rd NASA/DOD Workshop on Evolvable Hardware, July 12-14, 2001, Long Beach, CA, pp.176-181.

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E. Ramsden, "Imitating Life: An Introduction to Computer Simulation and Modeling, Part 2", Sensors Online,  June 2002,

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G. Greenwood, E. Ramsden, S. Ahmed, "An Empirical Comparison of Evolutionary Algorithms for Evolvable Hardware with Minimum Time-to-Reconfigure Requirements", Proceedings of 5 th  NASA/DOD Workshop on Evolvable Hardware, July 9-11, 2003, Chicago IL, pp.59-66

G. Greenwood, D. Hunter, E. Ramsden "Fault recovery in Linear Systems via Intrinsic Evolution", Proceedings of the 2004 NASA/DOD workshop on Evolvable Hardware, June 24-26, 2004, Seattle WA, pp. 115-122.

E. Ramsden, G. Greenwood, D. Hunter. "EARP-1 - an Evolvable Analog Research Platform", Proceedings of the 2005 NASA/DOD workshop on Evolvable Hardware, June 29-July 1, pp.20-25.

Destroy-it-Yourself Columns (Sensors Magazine 9/05-12/06)

9/05 - The Medium is the Measurement.
10/05 - Trick or Treat !? Seasonal Sensing.
11/05 - In Search of a Low-cost Temperature Sensor: Part I.
12/05 - In Search of a Low-cost Temperature Sensor: Part II.
1/06 - ROHS and Sensors: What this Means to You.
2/06 - Those Pesky Picoamps.
3/06 - Sensors Control the World!
4/06 - Sensors Control the World! (Part 2).
5/06 - Putting Your Data on the Right Bus.
6/06 - Your Helpful Guide to the Thermoelectric Cooler.
7/06 - The Five-Minute Filter University - July Session.
8/06 - The Five-Minute Filter University - August Session.
9/06 - Signal Amplification.
10/06 - Synchronous Detection.
11/06 - The Ultimate Sensor.
12/06 - Just Add Parts and Shake.

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