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Boarding an Airplane – Sample book chapter preliminary draft 7 July 2013. Describes simple simulation model for airplane passenger boarding implemented in the XOJO programming language  

An Evolutionary Approach to Finding Improved Airplane Boarding Order - INFORMS 2017 (Houston TX Oct 22-25) Poster Session presentation on wrapping a genetic algorithm optimizer around an airplane boarding simulator to find the best boarding strategy.

Hardware Simulator for Airplane Boarding Model using an FPGA   - INFORMS 2018 (Phoenix AZ NOV 4-8) Poster session presentation on using an FPGA to accelerate simulation of the discrete airplane boarding model presented the previous year.

The Birthday Paradox - Using a simple simulation model to figure out the probability that three people in a group share a birthday.

Imitating Life: An Introduction to Computer Simulation and Modeling.

            Part I, Sensors Magazine May 2002  

            Part II , Sensors Magazine June 2002

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